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MERLGEN Euro Designs

MERLGEN Euro Designs

We are a family-owned manufacturing company that crafts modern yet affordable cabinets, wardrobes, and closets customized for any space in your home. Having built a reputation for exceptional quality and service, we serve the entire country with manufacturing plants and showrooms across the Philippines.
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Part of the little known secret to mom’s cooking is how the kitchen is organized. From proximity of essential utensils to accessibility of the most used ingredients in efficiently designed kitchen cupboards, storage design can play a major role in mom-chef’s comfort zone. Meet four mothers who share how they organize their kitchens in the…

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Maximizing cabinet storage space can involve various factors specific to your needs: modular cabinetry that you can rearrange, organizers, adjustable shelving, or accessories such as “baskets” for hard-to-reach spaces or cabinet doors. Click here for our latest SunStar Davao piece on increasing storage to learn how Merlgen’s modern cabinets can function best for you and…

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The concept of cool extends beyond the trendy to what can cool us down or keep us cool, especially in the midst of summer in the Philippines. Though subtle, interior design plays an important role in creating a cool environment for our day-to-day indoor experience. Merlgen’s modern cabinets are highly customizable from space to budget,…

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Edge Davao spotlights Merlgen’s modern cabinet design as an expression of love for your wife on Valentine’s Day through a customized shoe closet. It turns out, the average Filipino woman owns around 40 pairs of shoes. With custom-made shoe cabinetry integrated with your entryway or bedroom walk-in closet, your loved one can best organize and…

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Keep an eye out for some of these trends in the coming year: earth tones, sustainable materials, high-spirited designs, and smart storage spaces like modular kitchen cabinets to make creative use of all the time we’ve been spending indoors during the pandemic. Read our latest piece in the Mindanao Times for a room-by-room breakdown of…

modular kitchen cabinets

Increasingly the most used space in the home, especially during the pandemic, the kitchen brings the family together during the holidays. In our latest feature, imagine how special holiday moments can materialize in an elegantly designed kitchen with streamlined, modular kitchen cabinets.

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We were featured in SunStar Davao! Click here for an article covering the easy 3-step process to make your dream modern cabinets a reality. Whether you’re looking to design kitchen cabinets or living room cabinets, we’re your go-to cabinet makers.

Melgrace and I would like to thank your entire staff for creating and installing our beautiful kitchen. Your installers were outstanding and very professional. Please pass on our sincere gratitude to your entire team. Attached are some pictures if there superb work. Thank you.

Teamwork: the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. The secret to MERLGEN Euro Designs’ effectiveness and efficiency in kitchen construction is the ensuing ingenuity when we put our heads together. Case in point: the MERLGEN team was faced with the task of unloading heavy slabs of quartz stone that…

Our whole family is ecstatic about the cabinets in our new home. The kids are especially proud and have been telling all their friends about our ‘fancy’ kitchen. Everyone at MERLGEN was so accommodating and supportive.